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Six Month Smile Invisible Braces

A Better Smile in Just Six Months


Have you always wanted straighter teeth, but didn’t want to spend years in traditional, uncomfortable metal braces? Dr. Baek has a solution for you. With Six Month Smile, we can give you the smile you have always wanted in as little as six months!

Six-month smile with Northbrook dentist.Nearly Invisible

With clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, the braces are hardly noticeable. This makes Six Month Smile a great option for adults and teenagers ages 15 and older. Another advantage of Six Month Smile is that, because the liners and brackets are attached to your teeth, you don’t have to worry about putting them on as you would with other clear brace alternatives.

Safe and Gentle

The risks of damage to tooth or root structure is no greater with Six Month Smile than with traditional braces. We use low force to gently move teeth, safely and effectively. A retainer may be necessary after treatment to maintain the position of your newly straightened smile.

An Affordable Option

Getting straighter teeth shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. With Six Month Smile, you can get that beautiful smile at a price that’s more affordable than other clear brace alternatives.

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