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Teeth Whitening in Northbrook

A Brighter Smile with Laser Whitening

teeth whitening

The very best in whitening that dentistry has to offer.

Dr. Baek is proud to now offer laser whitening. Traditional whitening systems offer short-term results, but with laser whitening you will see dramatic permanent results. You can enjoy gleaming white teeth for literally decades with laser whitening! Due to the long-lasting results, this whitening system is a great value.

How Does It Work?

Dr. Baek will take impressions to make custom molds of your teeth. This will allow him to fabricate a unique, comfortable tray. There is an in-office whitening session along with an easy to use at-home system that will offer dramatic results.

Safe and Effective

Teeth whitening is even effective on dark tetracycline stains. The effects of laser whitening will last permanently and will not be affected by tea, coffee, or red wine. The custom tray, which will be worn while you sleep, is comfortable and seals out saliva so that the whitening solution will not leak out and will not be diluted by saliva.

For a beautiful, healthy and whiter smile, contact us today!


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